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RiskAhead Crime Map & Violence


RiskAhead is your global tool to inform about violence in your vicinity and report crime anonymously.Avoid crimes, violence, natural disasters and catastrophes via warnings about attacks, vandalism, drug abuse, car robbery, thefts, shootings, sexual harassment, rape, murder, terror bombing, terrorism and further more.The risk report and crime map is completely available in your language and supports over 13 other languages.Experience No Risk - Just one click to Safety!RiskAhead’s violence report
Get informed by the risk map• Check for dangers easily via the HeatMap and the categorized incident icons• Attacks and harassment on women ♀ and future ! hazards gain extra attention by individual icons on the map• Your smartphone notifies you automatically about attacks happening in your surroundingsInform others about dangers• Report witnessed incidents quickly and anonymously with the clear, categorized report structure• Evaluate reports on dangers to certify their reliability for other users• Modify your incident report by adding a variety of details on the crime mapCrime reports and risk map for your protection
Gain safety• No more extra warning calls to your friends, family and neighborhood watch• Check in seconds the acute, urgent threats in your vicinity with the violence report• No more elaborate checking for hazards at any distant destinationsCreate security• Reduced vulnerability in publicly reporting incidents• Check threats at a safe distance with the crime map• No more fear of unknown variables in an uncertain situationsThe risk map in your life• Travel and Abroad - Inform yourself quickly, easily and without cost about any potential problems when leaving to new shores• Family and Neighborhood - Protect your beloved ones and fellows by sharing information openly about security threats in your vicinity• Global Conflict Analysis - Follow and evaluate the world conflicts developing through reports made from the perspective of the locals• Experience the humanity of social networking by reporting globally about danger with those who want to make the world a safer place
Our Service - Our Vision
RiskAhead is an App-based, multilingual and free for all risk assessment program based on crime reports.The risk report gives the user the opportunity to inform themselves and report any hazards from around the globe, at any time, for free.Our intention is to create a global violence report system based on a crime map from the people and for the people in order to inform and get informed about the real threats we face in life. This mechanism provides a free accessible way for everybody to evaluate dangers globally to avoid unnecessary disasters.Being confronted with the tragic reality of the incalculable crimes and attacks, especially on women that is present every day in Latin American, Central and East Asia and elsewhere; we came to the conclusion that most of the suffering could be stopped by people informing themselves about the danger.RiskAhead will be able to alert you, your closest and furthest friends and your neighboorhood about crimes and danger in order to prevent any potential harm coming to them. Therefore the risk report is free and only requires Internet access and an Android compatible SmartPhone.We are just a two-man project with strong support from our family and friends. We would gladly take feedback in order to improve our app and are proud of each personal sorrow we prevent!If you like the idea of RiskAhead, share it!Your RiskAhead Team,Dennis and KevinInformationhttp://www.riskahead.net"Simply to your Safety and Security - RiskAhead!"In memory to our dancing Hectorin. May your death remind us the changes we need to a better future.